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Natural light is the main issue in the project for a 130sqm private house in the urban center of Polignano a Mare, Italy. Shadows casted by sun light on white interior walls and floors give the perception of being in a natural context. The house partially replaces an existing building, whose ground floor vaulted volume has been kept as a basement for the new spaces inserted in the existing tufo perimetral walls. First floor is occupied by the living area, second floor by two bedrooms, while the uppest level hosts a small terrace, a kitchen, and an open core patio. Private and service rooms are concealed in a tall volume fluctuating in the living room’s double height space and hanging from the rooftop. The entry of natural light in the rear of the house is allowed by a system of glazed distribution ramps. Main structure is partially realized in concrete slabs supported by the existing tufo walls, while steel beams are used for central suspended volume. CNC fabrication technology has been widely used.